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Hotel Lobby

Production Designer | September - December 2019

This project involved working with directors and design teams to create three short films based on Edward Hopper's 'Hotel Lobby'.

The director of the first 'Hotel Lobby' film to shoot had a very organic vision for the space. As this was the first of these three films we had to make the set look decayed in ways that could be quickly undone for the next film. This meant replacing the carpet with fake grass and dressing the set with moss, dried flowers, and egg shells. This successfully created a surreal space within the confines of the original painting and without time-expensive work to be completed before and after this film was shot.

The turnaround time for this project was extremely tight. There were twenty one short films being constructed, shot, and deconstructed in as many days. Meticulous planning, constant communication, and thrifty resourcing was essential.

Making 3D AutoCAD models was key element for showing the directors and cinematographers for these films exactly what the scope of the set would be. Using these models we were able to agree on exact shots prior to filming which meant all flats, props and set dressing were ready for use on the shoot days.

Directors: Małgorzata Rabczuk, Shishir Bishankhe, Diego Alejandro Barajas

Cinematographers: Kosta Đuraković, Antonio Pozojevic, Fabó Tóth

Costume Designer: Conor Morrin

Character Designers: Alex Bennet, Klaudia Rapala

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