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It's Always The Quiet Ones

Production Designer | January - February 2020

'It's Always The Quiet Ones' was showcased at Smock Alley's Scene and Heard festival in early 2020. The piece is set in a couple's carefully designed, middle class home in the near future.

The couple in this piece comprises of Dan; strong-willed and well presented, and Bernie, easily led and deeply empathetic. I designed their home to reflect this dynamic. Dan controlling the space while Bernie plays second fiddle, fading into the scenery as Dan takes the lead.

The budget, space, and turnaround time for this production were extremely limited so the set is paired back, made up of found and free furniture.

Director: Daragh Goan

Producer: Vicky Moonan

Costume Designer: Conor Morrin

Character Designer: Saoirse Whelan

Photography: Conor Forkin

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