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Office At Night (Assisting)

November - December 2019

I took on an assisting role for this project, supporting the lead production designer to create three short films based on 'Office At Night' by Edward Hopper. This involved undertaking

In this project I carried out tasks on behalf of the lead designer including scenic painting, set dressing, liaising with directors and members of the art department, and going on prop runs. Whenever an extra set of hands, a second opinion, or someone to hold down the fort was required for this project I was there to help.

Directors: Anna Bossi, Jamil Ur Rehman Alvi, Volodymyr Kolbasa

Cinematographers: Nathalia Gardin, Nikita Karmen, Vivek Jain

Production Designer: Sally Nolan

Costume Designer: Hazel Ryan

Character Designers: Anna O'Brien

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